The Yellow Room


The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room is a mental health advocacy platform that specializes in organizing and facilitating mental health conferences and online workshops. The topic of mental health is plagued by stigma and miseducation, especially in marginalized communities.  The intent of organizing and facilitating mental health conferences and workshops is to service the African communities who want to seek education on mental health, guidance on how to access mental health services, but most importantly learning the tools required to increase mental health awareness within their respective communities. The Yellow Room’s main objective and mission is to provide early intervention of addressing mental health through knowledge and awareness to end the stigma surrounded by mental health. 

As Mental Health Advisors, The Yellow Room is confident that much needed discussions around vulnerability and authenticity with respect to mental health will provide the necessary shift in mindset to end the stigma. We focus on wellness education, tools and resources that are needed to feel satisfied, healthy, and capable of managing life’s everyday pressures.

We are currently providing COVID-19 Mental Wellness Workshops. Contact us today to get started on available workshops!

Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission drive the work we do every day.
Together, we can all fight mental health in our community.
To help people achieve their optimal health and well-being in the community, The Yellow Room offers unwavering support and hope.
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